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SolaScripturaToday is devoted to the exposition and defense of the Word of God.

I have learned over the last nearly 50 years that the Bible is not truly honored by those who claim to fear and revere the Lord's name and Word. Instead, where there should be sound, solid exposition there is religious "fluff", entertainment or humanistic side-stepping around what the Scripture teaches—in favor of anything else, as long as it brings in contributors and/or makes people "feel good about themselves".

Here, you'll find detailed Bible exposition as well as biblical analysis, critique and rebuttals of those who claim to be "Christian" and "devoted to the Bible" but are, in reality, opposed to it and distort it at every opportunity. 

By design, the articles on my site are not "light reading"; they demand careful reflection.

It is likely that as you read and consider the Bible exposition on this site you'll come to the same conclusion that I have: the "Christian" church in America is in real trouble and bears essentially no resemblance to the pattern for the Body of Christ set forth in the Scripture; this has been its testimony for generations. Like the ancient church in Ephesus, the modern church has "left [its] first love", the Lord Christ. (Eph 2.4)

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The Day of the LORD

The Day of the LORD is nothing less than the series of events leading to return of the Lord Christ to rule the earth for a period of 1000 years, the time typically known as the Millennium. When His rule on earth has run to completion, the Great White Throne Judgment will take place and the current age will end. (cf., The Final Sequence for details of the judgment.)

The Day of the LORD will be a series of events, a truly terrifying time spanning many years, so severe and deceptive that no one would be able to survive it if the LORD did not "cut it short for the sake of His elect". (Mat 24.21-24)

Another very important purpose of this series is to detail from the Scripture that the Day of the LORD will also be that sequence of events that judges Israel (for the last time) for their continued rebellion against their Messiah (the Lord Christ!), to be followed by the pouring out of grace on the nation (the fulfillment of the New Covenant). Only then will they sincerely and permanently repent (Hos 6.1-3; Zec 12.10-14), and as a result of the fact that their King, the Lord Christ, fulfills His promise and gifts them with the vast region of land now comprising most of the Middle East (a promise the LORD made to Abram many centuries ago). They will, for the first time in their history, dwell in complete safety and security from the Mediterranean Sea to the Euphrates River, from southeast Turkey to northeast Egypt, to the north end of the Persian Gulf.

National Israel will be restored and become the preeminent nation of the earth; Jerusalem will be the capital city of the earth.

The Lord Christ will be King over the whole earth, as the Millennial Psalms (my term) attest. (cf., (Psa 96), (Psa 97), (Psa 98), (Psa 99), (Psa 100))