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The Biblical Rebuttal of John MacAruthur's "Imminent" Return of Christ

The latest article has been completed and is in final edits. It will be posted in a few days.

The position of SolaScripturaToday.org is that the Lord Christ will return and rule the earth as its sole potentate for the period of time typically known as the Millennium. The Lord Christ clearly said of that day "... you don't know either the day or the hour", yet well-known Bible teachers maintain that His return is "imminent" (an obvious and serious contradiction). One such teacher is Dr. John MacArthur.

The purpose of this article is to rebut the notion that the Lord Christ's return is "imminent", that is, that it could occur "at any moment" as Dr. MacArthur states in an article posted on his site. (www.gty.org, the link to his article is in the rebuttal).

This notion is extraordinariily common but is nonetheless biblical error, as I detail from the Scripture.

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“God could have walked away … and started over.” Really!?!?

I've added a new category to SolaScripturaToday: Of Interest. It is a collection of articles which don't really fit into the other categories currently on my site.

The lead article of this new section is a rebuttal of the phrase (above, which I use for the title of the article) I accidentally found in a section designed to welcome visitors to the site of a nearby church. (It was accessed via the Get Connected link on the home page.) The thinking behind such an expression would fit in quite well with the notion of the capricious deities of the Ancient Romans; the "god" presented in the Get Connected section is both pitiable and laughable, completely unworthy to be trusted with anything, much less the eternal salvation of the lost sinner.

I'm sure that if I looked, I'd find many, many more statements just like this in pretty much any modern "church"; I just happened to find this one and decided to respond on my site.

The article is complete and will be posted soon.


If you believe that the "Christian church" in America is fine as it is, then you will be frustrated by what you'll read here. However, if you believe that the Bible is not truly honored by those who are supposed to fear and revere the Lord's name and Word, then you'll find detailed, biblical critique and analysis of current issues, methodologies, ideologies and theology.

If you are somewhere in-between these two dispositions, then you'll learn from the Bible the truth of the state of the church in America; as will be demonstrated in detail, the picture that emerges is deeply troubling.

At this time there are five main categories (as shown in the left column: EcclesiologyEschatology, Theology, History and Of Interest.


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