The "Antichrist" and the Beast: not the Same!

One of the most misused and misunderstood terms of the NT is "Antichrist"; sermons on end time prophecy are replete with its mention, and warn against the coming of the "Antichrist".

The term is found only in the epistles of the Apostle John. Interestingly—and inexplicably ignored by the modern, sensationalist preacher—is the fact that the term "Antichrist" is not found in the Revelation (from which this type of sermon almost always proceeds)! Moreover, that same Apostle John who used the term in two of his epistles is the same (human) author of the Revelation.

This article details the proper understanding of both "Antichrist" and the Beast of the Revelation to clearly demonstrate that while the Beast does, in fact, possess the "spirit of the antichrist", he is not The Antichrist, since the Bible never refers to the Beast in this manner. "Preachers" who persist in this language demonstrate nothing other than their carelessness with and ignorance of Scripture.

This topic is planned for a future article.

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