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The Jerusalem Council: the Second Serious Error of the Apostles.


The second (and last) part of the series on the NT Apostle has just been published and is now active on this site.

Preachers and teachers have for many generations viewed the so-called Council of Jerusalem carelessly, and in so doing have actually undermined the gospel of grace.

The Council of Jerusalem was a pivotal event, to be sure, but one which took the true church in the wrong direction and ultimately ended with the responsiblity of the preaching of the gospel being ripped away from the Jews and given to the Gentiles. It was a time when Jewish legalism fought violently to reassert Law in place of grace and thereby bring the church into bondage once again. (Gal 2.4) It was the event which initiated the infusion of legalism in many (most?) of the churches of that day, and it was a decision which reverberates well into our day.

The series presents detailed Scripture in eight chapters to prove that the Council of Jerusalem was a massive failure to the message of gree grace, a destructive "theological landmine" of epic proporations. Any preacher or teacher who still maintains that that meeting was useful and "Spirit-led" has failed to read the Scripture with carefulness, faithfulness and understanding.

Coming Next: The Problem with Biblical Frameworks.

This article has been underway; once the article above is fully posted, this one will follow soon.

The purpose of this site is to examine the Scripture closely and faithfully, then compare it to what we observe in the so-called conservative, evangelical churches of this country. What will be observed demonstrates just how far modern Christianity has strayed from the truth of the Bible.

If you believe that the church in America is fine as it is, then you will be frustrated by what you'll read here. However, if you believe that the Bible is not truly honored by those who are supposed to fear and revere the Lord's name and Word, then you'll find detailed, biblical critique and analysis of current issues.

If you are somewhere in-between these two dispositions, then you'll learn from the Bible the truth of the state of the church in America; as will be demonstrated in detail, the picture that emerges is deeply troubling.

At this time there are three main categories: EcclesiologyEschatology and History:

The Biblical Requirements for Elders
The Essential/Non-Essential Doctrine Debacle
The Humanism of Evangelistic Appologetics

The Final Sequence

Matthias: The First Serious Error of the Apostles

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